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Unless with love it is impossible to do the job your ancestors were faithful to for 8000 years. Even through the toughest times, in a small cellar of a village, you would definitely find a sealed Qvevri saved by Georgian man for the celebration of the coming victory.

The unique Qvevri winemaking method gives our country much more significance on wine map of the world. Winery Shatiri as the tradition of Shatirishvili family, synthesizes ancient and modern technologies and produces the wine that tells the Georgian story.

Unprecedented diversity of indigenous grapes counting up to 530 authentic varieties makes me much prouder and boosts my motivation to present the potential of Georgian wine to the wider public.


France, Georgia, Germany, Hong Kong SAR China, Italy, Monaco, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States

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Saperavi international 2018 - Saperavi Qvevri semi dry wine, 2018 - silver medal Saperavi international 2018 - Saperavi dry wine, 2018 - bronze medal International qvevri wine competition 2019 - Saperavi Qvevri semi dry wine, 2018 - bronze medal International qvevri wine competition 2019 - Rkatsiteli Qvevri dry white amber wine 2018- bronze medal

N.Baratashvili str. #1, 2710, Village Shroma, Lagodekhi, Georgia,


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