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Company “Ojakhuri” was founded in 2010 and has been producing food products.
Nowadays, the company mainly produces garnish-spices. The product is made with “familial” traditions, is customized to the existing standard in Georgia and meets the requirements of production. Packing is carried out in the various kinds of packages of various weights. The packaging material is ecologically clean and complies with allowable standards.
The company also produces sauces and marinades.
The company cares about customers and offers them a product that is safe, good quality and manufactured with family traditions. The name that our product has gained during years is very valuable for us! We listen carefully to the opinions of every customer about all issues; this is exactly our main mission, to manufacture a product, which will be met with the approval of people!
The Staff.
There is a friendly environment in the company, what simplifies the working process to staff and makes it pleasant. It is important for us, that each employee feels comfortable and well in working conditions, that manufactured product will serve the distribution of love and kindness and not business interests!
The company carries out distribution throughout Georgia.
We have export in different countries. Our product has found the great appreciation abroad, what causes increasing of export regularly.
The purpose of the company is to create more diversity of its assortment, to employ more people and promote popularization of Georgian products all over the world.
The priority of the company is to increase the number of satisfied customers and help introduce our country’s tasteful traditions to the international market.
Familial traditions are important for us and truly, the specifics of family production is the secret to our quality.


Bangladesh, Lithuania, Russia, Sweden, United States

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Tbilisi; Meqanizatsia str. 1/13


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