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LTD "Milmarati" was founded in 2011.
Our Tea Factory is located in western Georgia. The factory is equipped with modern equipment. (Japanese technological line).
Our company is mainly oriented producing high quality (premium) ecologically pure green and black tea. The tea is picked manually from the high quality special raw materials, that grows in ecologically pure regions of western Georgia without the use of fertilizer, does not contain pesticides, herbicides and other pesticides. Reworked without any additives, preservatives, emulsifiers.Today, our company is based on classical methods and maintains modern technology, producing 10-15 thousand kg a year. High-quality green and black teal trout technology that is fully prepared on Japanese technological line. Our tea belongs to the premium segment and is presented on the Georgian market by ten positions with brand "Shemokmedi". From 2015 we are producing ecologically pure mountain wild bilberry and blackberry leaf tea. We are participating in all the exhibitions held in recent years, in tasting events and competitions where our products always have a special approval and recognition from tea professionals and consumers.


Germany, Russia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine

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Tbilisi International Tea Festival 2015 - Gold medal Best Black and Green Tea

Vill.Shemokmedi, Ozurgeti, Georgia


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