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Doll House Madeline Ltd is the startup which was found in 2018. With the birth of children in the family, it became obvious that, unfortunately, there is a shortage of safe and developing toys in Georgia. According to the researches 80% of imported toys in Georgia are harmful for children’s health and even mentality.

Regular participation in local startup markets and various exhibitions have shown that our toys are selling very well, and moreover, they have found faithful customers. So slowly different companies like hotels, florist shops, children's product sellers, children's mental centers, private kindergartens were interested in our products.

We have identified 5 directions of toy production, which were divided into age categories: 0-2 years old (infant toys), 2-6 (developing toys), 6-9 (soft toys), 9-12 (puppet dolls). We also have interior and portrait dolls.

Production of toys with natural fabrics, which are durable, washable and intended to develop various skills, cognitive or sensory sensations, fine motor skills is our priority. Also we created new product for infants, which is planned to sell it in gift sets. Our best seller products are puppet toys and dolls for children 9-12 years old. Here we are planning to make finger puppets adapted with Georgian fairy tales and produce them together in gift-sets as well.

With the increase in demand for our products, there became a need to start manufacture toys and hire employment. Last year, we rented a workshop, trained two single mothers who have no experience in sewing, have secondary education and a desire for work.

Our company became the member of “Georgian Heritage Craft Association” and beneficiary of “Spark – business accelerator”. These structures have made the face of our company: branding, training in various social media marketing, participating in different exhibitions. Recently, after regular training, we opened our online store on the world`s biggest handmade platform www: Etsy.com and started selling our products abroad.



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