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Sector/subsector: Food & Beverage/Wine, Alcoholic beverages

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In 2003, in Kakheti region, Sagarejo, namely, "Gileni" company cultivated several sorts of grapes (Rkatsiteli, Saperavi, Tita, Mtsvane...) and still keeps on the expansion of the vineyard (company owns 30 Hectare of vineyard).
"Gileni" wine-vault uses modern methods and continues to embed newest technologies.
Today "Gileni" factory is equipped with European plants. The company pays great attention to defend Georgian wine culture and traditions. Combination of experiences and modern technologies is the best way of preparing unforgettably tasty and high quality wines.
Nowadays, company exports products in Russia.
"Gileni" particiapted in the exhibition SIAL CHINA 2018, found partners in Shanghai and plans to export its' products and collaborate with Chinese market.
"Gileni"'s wine assortiment: Rkatsiteli (White Dry ), Saperavi ( Red Dry ), Mtsvane (White Dry ), Alazani Valley (Red Semi-Sweet), Alazani Valley (White Semi-Sweet), Aguna (Rose Semi Dry), Tsinandali (White Dry), Kindzmarauli (Red Semi- Sweet), Pirosmani (White Semi Dry) etc. Company is able to produce all types of wines (also Georgian Vodka "Chacha") depending on the order with the label requested (customized label).


Belarus, China, Russia, United Kingdom

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17, kostava str, 3800, Sagarejo, Kakheti


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