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Founded on a passion for tea, Anaseuli Experimental Tea Factory seeks to preserve the unique position and undeniable pleasure that tea drinking represents in daily life throughout Georgia and beyond.
Established in 1935, Anaseuli Tea Factory is one of the oldest tea production facilities in Georgia. Based on its never-ending quest for excellence, and having received numerous gold medals for unparalleled quality, Anaseuli’s teas have maintained longstanding popularity throughout Georgia and former Soviet Union territories.
To retain its leading position in the market, factory identified opportunities and took some steps. Anaseuli Tea Factory purchased a 62 ha tea plantation and started production of organic tea. To further maintain its competitive advantage, and in line with international standards, in 2015, Anaseuli Experimental Tea Factory modernized operations and revitalized their brand image.
With updated operations, a new brand image, and more appealing packaging configurations, Anaseuli Tea Factory has found a renewed demand from retailers in Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Batumi as well as duty free shops in local airports. Seeking additional growth, the company continues to explore new opportunities in both domestic and international markets.


Czechia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine

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Organic Production Certificate awarded by Caucascert in 2012


Gold Medal at 2002 Tea Summit, New York 1st place at 2006 Baku International Exhibition Special Prize by Russian Academy of Science in 2007 Gold Medal by CIS International Fund in 2008 Gold Medal by CIS International Fund in 2010

6, University str., Anaseuli 0160, Ozurgeti, Guria, Georgia


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