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October 29
Vienna, Austria
The Economist Forum Invest in Georgia
General economic update, infrastructure, energy, financial sector

Georgia Business and Investment Roundtable
Vienna, Austria
Monday October 29th 2007



Debate, networking, benchmarking: enhance your business in Georgia


Under Georgia`s new government, the country is witnessing a programme of rapid reform and business transformation. The government is pushing through reforms and creating a more business-friendly operating environment, from tackling corruption to reducing bureaucracy.


With positive relations with the US and the EU, and a commitment to extend the “hand of friendship” to Russia, Georgia is poised to become a competitive market economy.


To foster open and honest debate on its future, Economist Conferences is bringing key ministers and executives together in Vienna for a day of high-level, off-the-record debate on the issues that matter for Georgian business.



A focus on core issues for business, from customs reform to privatisation


During the day, delegates will discuss a range of strategic business issues crucial for Georgian economic progress:

    • Which sectors offer the best hope for economic growth?
    • How will Georgia balance its international relations—both eastwards and westwards?
    • What can the government do to attract and make use of western funding for infrastructure development?
    • Where is there greatest scope for improving the business operating environment?
    • What are Georgias competitive advantages as it searches for a role as regional business hub?


For more information on participation click here.


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