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ID: 02112
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Service Provider
Company Tiflisi Marani produces up to 12 denominations of wine, 8 denominations of brandy and one grape marc, which was and is being distributed on different markets like Georgia, Ukraine, United States of America, Canada, Belorussia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Germany, Poland, Romania and Mongolia.
additional information
# of Employees: 39
awards: Event: ProdExpo 2006 (Moscow) Wine “Kindzmarauli” – Diploma of the high quality, Georgian Brandy “Gremi” – Diploma of the high quality.
Event: Georgian National Wine Exhibition 2008. Wine “Saperavi” – Golden Medal, Wine “Kindzmarauli” – Silver Medal.
Event: International Wine Award (Georgia, 2009). Wine “Kindzmarauli” – Golden Medal.
Event: Georgian National Wine Competition 2010. Wine “Saperavi” – Silver Medal, Brandy “Eniseli” – Silver Medal.
Supplier contacts
Country: Georgia
Contact Information: 19 Chavchavadze Ave
Postal Code: 0179
phone: +995 32 507591; +995 32 507592
Fax: +995 90 507593
Company Email: info@tmarani.ge
The Company TM Booklet Brandy - Tiflisi Marani Wine Cards
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updated on 16.2.2015
Total Products 650
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12, Chanturia Street,

0108 Tbilisi, Georgia.

Telephone (Georgia) 

 (+995 32) 210 20 17

 (+995 32) 210 20 26

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EUR      2.3990
GBP      3.3045
Usd      2.2347
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